Friday, January 15, 2010

Blood on the Tracks

Woke up this morning. Hungover and depressed. Typical these days.

Feel like Kate broke up with me, even though we aren't dating.

Sat around for an hour. Dicked around on facebook. Jerked off. Thought about Adrienne. She was the first girl whose pussy I ever touched. Later she got pregnant in a threesome. Father unknown. Now I hear she's a born-again. Life. How bizarre.

Went out yesterday. Grabbed a beer at the Good Dog in Center City. Cute girl was sitting alone. I sat near her. Ordered my beer and waited ten minutes. She was eyeing me. I went to the restroom. Asked her to watch my stuff. Made a stupid joke. Got back. She asked me what book I was reading. Man and His Gods. By Homer W. Smith. I've been reading it for 4 years. Never finished it. Made witty remarks. She laughed. We talked. Then a guy showed up that she was waiting for. I think she started talking to me just to make him jealous.

Listened to Bob Dylan all morning (when not jerking off). Then walked down to the Green Line. Drank a coffee. 16oz. Black. Looked around at the cute girls. Grabbed the City Paper. Only available seat was next to a dumpy looking girl. Read the paper. She sang along to Cindi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." A bird once shat in Cindi Lauper's mouth at a live show while she was singing that song. I think that's funny.

Jim called. He's coming into town Sunday. Apparently his Dad went crazy. Told Jim that Jim's mom was a whore. Jim tried to defend his mother. Then his Dad threatened to kick his ass. Called him a pussy. Jim is a much stronger person than many people give him credit for.

Last night after leaving the Good Dog, I went to Johnny Brenda's. Bumped into Leigh. My life is filled with Lee's and Leah's and Leia's and Leigh's and any variation thereof. Did I use that correctly? Thereof? I once almost puked wine on Leigh in Marino, Italy. She was trying to make out with me.

I'm obsessed with sex. Or just women.

Also ran into Jill. Used to have a crush on her. She was drunk and flirting with me. Her boyfriend got jealous and gave me the evil eye. Her friend Saliyah was there too. Had a crush on her as well. Used to chat her up at Fiume all the time. Should have got her number. Instead made plans with Leigh for Wednesday next week. I'll bump into Saliyah some other time.

Brushed my teeth earlier. Not interesting, but I decided I'd stand on my toilet while I did it. Had no revelations.

Wrote a short film yesterday about a promiscuous business man, but the audio is only a voice over of him reflecting on the nature of a run-on sentence. The idea is to make a visual run-on. The idea is to emphasize the inaccessible, inner world of the individual while he is in these potentially intimate situations. It'll work. Maybe I'll see if Adrienne wants to be in it. She was an actress.

I don't know who this blog is for. I'm writing it to keep myself from going crazy. List of objects in room: airmattress, sleeping bag, suitcase, chair, and dirty clothes strewn everywhere. Depressing.

Kate broke my heart. What inopportune timing. The only times I'm not thinking about it are when I'm with other women. Or when I'm working on film ideas. Have a really great idea for my online series, "Popes and Astronauts." Just need the equipment and some time. And encouragement.

Left cafe, went to CVS. Bought toilet paper. Came back home and took shit with the consistency of a milkshake. I can make really good milkshakes. I can make a milkshake that will make your milk shake.

Hanging out with Dan in a bit. Maybe we'll smoke some pot. He brought a girl around the other night to Dahlak. I was in top form. I haven't been that funny in a while. Asked her if she wanted to go bowling with me. She said yeah. She has amazing breasts. Can't remember her name. Think it was Megan. Lots of Megan's in my life too.

Hung out with Shayla the other night. Got plastered. Made out with her. Forgot who I was making out with. Then I tried to go to bed with her. She wouldn't let me. I told her I just wanted to cuddle. I told her she could be the little spoon. She made me sleep on the couch. Seeing her again on Saturday.

Maybe me and Dan will go to Fairmount Park together. One of these days I have to go back to Alabama.

This is my first blog post. I hope to post more. But I can't guarantee anything. If you like it, subscribe. If you don't like it then go fuck yourself.

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